FS Switzerland Virtual Event 2021

All Informations you find in the Virtual Event Handbook 2021 v1.0

The disciplines will be between 10.7.2021 and 18.7.2021




Cost event:
The judging lasts 45 minutes
Judging via Zoom with breakout sessions (judges will split in two groups)
Prepare to show parts of the car with at least two cameras separately (because of the breakout sessions/split in two groups
Judging group 1 will have a feedback session on Monday 12.7. at 19:00 CEST
Judging group 2 will have a feedback session on Thursday 15.7. at 19:00 CEST

Business event:
Each team has an appointed time slot of 45 minutes including reserve time. Presentations are 10 minutes in accordance with FSG rules. Please show up to your zoom session at your scheduled time. You might have to wait in a waiting room for the judges to let you in.
Business finalists will be announced Saturday (17.7.) evening/Sunday (18.7.) morning.

Deepdive topic:
Dear Teams,

In the past few years, and even more so during the current pandemic, we have seen that organizations who are able to successfully embrace digital transformations have a distinct advantage over their competitors. As such, we are especially interested in how you will leverage the potential of artificial intelligence and other industry 4.0 technologies to increase the competitiveness of your business.
We look forward to your presentations.

Design event:
The judging lasts 60 minutes followed with 15 minutes feedback
The event is split in to six rooms:
Main Concept
Vehicle Dynamics/Aerodynamics

Design finalists will be announced on Sunday 18.7. at 12:00 followed with a feedback session for questions regarding the judging.
Design final procedure: Each Team will have an own meeting with different breakout rooms and the judges will rotate each hour between the three meetings. In total the whole design final will take three hours.