Goal of FS Switzerland

Our goal is to equip students with practical experience. The experiences collected in a formula student project make the theoretic knowledge from university much more valuable. The skills a team member aquires are unique and desired in many industry branches. Apart from technical knowledge they in particular learn interacting in a team and working with companies. In addition to the education of students we want to support the development and innovation of electric vehicles in Switzerland.

A formula student event needs support from companies. We especially are looking for companies interested in developing students and pushing innovation. Sponsors can advertise their company to students and recruit new employees. Sponsoring this event is a statement for education and innovation.

About & Team

Timothy Novotny

Event Manager

Joël Hirlemann


Oliver Clemens

Chief Mechanical Inspection

Sarah Battige

Chief Electrical Inspection

Aaron Baufeld

Chief Dynamics

Björn Tranta

Chief Dynamics

Gilles Lintgen

Mechanical Inspection

Olivia Miller

Chief Event Control

Phong Pham

Chief Media

Marie Röthlingshöfer

Chief Sponsoring

Max Zuang

Chief Design Judge

Aljosha Wendt

Chief Cost Judge

Alena Weber

Chief Business Judge

Jon Zehnder

Chief Business Judge

Elisabeth Novotny

Chief IT