Event News

So the event is soon and we are looking forward to seeing you all.
Here are some additional Informations.
Please forward this further to your team members and in case of questions, feel free to contact us.


Emergency Number

We have now a phone number, which you can call, when there are issues with traveling or else:

+41 79 889 11 89



At the campsite there will be quite limited place for vehicles, because of that we ask you to not go directly to the camping place. Please come first to event site with your cars and register there at the event control. Then we will give you a vehicle pass to go to the campsite. The security there will be instructed to send all cars, which are not having such a pass, to go to the event side.

We will give about 5 cars at the same time access to the camping place and tell you where you can build your tents. There you have to unload your car and drive back to the event site, where you can park your car and give us the vehicle pass back.


We have some limitations regarding Alkohol. In the Attachment you find a picture of the event. In the Red area is no Alkohol allowed and we have Alkohol tests at the event. At the camping place is also no Alkohol allowed. Security will be ordered to confiscate all Alkohol there. In the green Area Alkohol is allowed, but not excessively. If we find, that the rule is abused and teams are getting to drunk we will forbid it in that area too.

Event Access

Everyone will get a Badge, where also are informations regarding event schedule and event time line.

Detail time table

You will find a detailed time table for all the slots here
If some teams don’t come to the event, we will rearrange some of the slots until Tuesday evening. You can click on your team name below to highlight your slots.

Technical Inspection Sheet

We have prepared an online TIS. You can access it here and your team login. Contact us, if you don’t have the credentials anymore. You will be able to only see your TIS, but not able to change it.

Tilt Inspection

We will have no Tilt inspection for FS Switzerland 2022.

Deep Dive Topic of your Business Presentation

Dear Teams,

In light of the current economic situation, we would like to know more about the resilience of your business regarding externalities. In the past years, we have seen supply chains interrupted and venture capital funding halted due to man-made accidents, a looming recession and lockdowns of important manufacturing partners. Specifically, we would like to know how you are prepared for:
*A possible restriction to only suppliers from within the European Union,
*A reduction in funding of your business plan by 50%.
We would very much welcome it if you could touch on each of the topics mentioned above during your presentation, if they are appliccable to your specific business plan. We are looking forward to seeing your presentations at FSCH.