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Deep Dive Topic

Dear teams participating in the Formula Student Switzerland Business Plan Presentation Event
For your Deep Dive Topic, we would like you to present your plans and strategies for the implementation of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) programs within your business.
You should also assess the benefits and challenges of these initiatives, and demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of how DEI impacts your organization.
We look forward to your presentations!

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2024 FSCH Glencore Battery Sustainability Award

For the first time, Glencore is sponsoring the “FSCH Glencore Battery Sustainability Award”, a CHF 5.000 award to recognize three teams which have the most professional, innovative, and thoughtful sustainability ideas and documentations regarding the battery.
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The competition site is in the beautiful mountains of Switzerland
Hintermattstrasse 6
3985 Geschinen

Why in Switzerland?

There are many Formula Student events in Europe, the largest being Formula Student Germany. Unfortunately there are more teams than free spots, and many teams attend more than one event. Accordingly, some teams are barely able to start at any event. Formula Student Switzerland is an extra opportunity for teams to compete.

At all existing events the local industry profits, since it attracts many highly intelligent engineers from around the world. A Swiss Formula Student event would bring these advantages to the Swiss industry.

Good infrastructure, beautiful nature, prevalent innovation spirit: With such advantages Switzerland could bring an incomparable event into the Formula Student community. More Swiss Students would be motivated to join a team - FS Switzerland would improve engineering education and networking among Swiss students.


Formula Student events usually take place in July and August. The first Formula Student Switzerland took place in July 2022. At Formula Student Switzerland we want to make a statement for innovation and support teams using electric vehicles. Accordingly, only electric cars are accepted.